Tae Kwon Do Classes
What: Where students Learn a blend of Modern and Traditional styles
         of the Korean Martial Art known as Tae Kwon Do  
When: We offer 10 Tae Kwon Do classes a week to fit most schedules.
          Click SCHEDULE to see days and times.
What to expect: Our classes are 1 hour long.  We start off with 15 minutes
          of static and ballistic stretching. Then move on to 15 minutes of
          of Cardio, and ½ hour of topic orientated class.
Other: At Key’s Martial Arts Academy we try to make classes fun, exciting
         and moving at a fast pace. We keep them exciting for for all
          students from beginners to advanced, young and Older.  Students
          learn a wide range of techniques as they progress through our
          belt ranking system.
*** You are never to young or old to do Start Tae Kwon Do.  Currently
      are ages range from 4 years old to a 55 years old.  Come join in on
     Fun and excitement.
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